One of San Antonio’s most successful developers



Today’s marketplace is full of uncertainties and that’s why corporate tenants and institutional investors turn to the stability of Casey Development, Ltd. (formerly Darren Casey Interests). With the foresight to identify key parcels of land in growth corridors and the financial strength to acquire and develop them, Casey Development has established a 20 year track record as one of San Antonio’s most successful developers. 


Founder and President Darren Casey is bullish on San Antonio and south Texas. Casey Development has developed more than 2-million square feet of office, retail, multi-family and industrial properties in the San Antonio region.  But quantity never trumps quality; Casey Development is best known for architectural excellence, quality of workmanship and aesthetically pleasing developments.  “We have a desire to make our developments equally attractive and functional, ultimately benefiting our tenants with a more enjoyable workplace or residence,” says Casey.


The best opportunities require quick thinking and the ability to react quicky.  Because Casey Development is local and privately held, we have access to a multitude of resources upon which to draw, but with no corporate red tape to delay action. Casey Development’s team is flexible and fast thinking; decisions are analyzed, conceptualized and acted upon quickly. 


Our reputation of achievement reflects the success of our development approach. In 2007 Casey Development closed one of the largest sales of commercial real estate in San Antonio history with the sale of a portfolio which attracted the attention of national investors.  Casey Development is now gearing up to provide the next generation of the highest quality commercial real estate.